Saturday, October 14 was the big day. In case you missed it — and it’s likely you did — more than a dozen chapters of “Duty to Warn” met to discuss President Donald Trump’s mental health and fitness to serve as president.

Coverage on social media was thin, and by most accounts, things looked a bit stuffy as people settled in to demand the president be removed from office according to the 25th Amendment.

It turns out the real party was in New York, where a group of about 125 marched down Broadway “dressed in black and wearing red plastic strips around their necks reading ‘Danger’,” according to The New York Post.

For real:

If you’re interested, Duty to Warn has put out a documentary, which looks a lot more like a half-hour’s worth of narcissistic personality disorder shot on iPhones. They call it a movie, but we’ll just say they caught a lot of drama queens on video in just 34 minutes.

* * *

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