With the release of the Nunes memo imminent, everyone in politics seems to be weighing in today, though they can’t seem to decide if the memo is a big nothing burger or a threat to national security and the lives of FBI agents.

Of course, former FBI director James Comey decided to weigh in, invoking Joe McCarthy in the process. It seems he’s pleased the FBI has objected to the memo’s release.

Solid burn.

Not a bad example to prove that even the FBI needs a good house cleaning every now and then.

Now as long as we’re talking weasels and Joe McCarthy, which side of the aisle is claiming that House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes could be a Russian agent and those who want the memo released are traitors who support giving classified information to Vladimir Putin?

That’s correct. And by the way, the whole #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag campaign was the work of Russian bots, don’t you know.


Remember, kids: It’s OK to criticize James Comey and the FBI when you write for Vox