As Twitchy told you, Rep. Ted Lieu of California weighed in Monday on the Devin Nunes memo alleging surveillance abuses during the 2016 campaign, equating it to Geraldo Rivera’s famous opening of Al Capone’s (empty) vault on live TV.

On Thursday, with release of the memo all but imminent, Lieu doubled down, this time calling the memo less than a nothing burger. He had to really twist to get in a jab at Ronald Reagan, but not even a pro like Carrot Top hits with every gag.

It’s more like nothing ketchup?

Whatever. Lieu might be right — he has seen the memo — but we wish he’d talk to some of his Democratic colleagues both in office and serving in the media and tell them to settle down a little. Look at these just from the last couple of days:

Because it’s a nothing burger, Andrea.

Tell ’em to relax, Jim.

Is releasing names a threat to national security? Obviously not — ask Ted Lieu.

And would Lieu please have a word with Rep. Adam Schiff and let him know there’s nothing to worry about and he doesn’t have to issue frantic tweets at 10 p.m. demanding its withdrawal? Just #ReleaseTheMemo already.

As often as Lieu downplays the contents of the Nunes memo, you never hear him urge its release, do you?


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