Normally it’s reporters who get to enjoy prefacing their tweets with “BREAKING,” but Rep. Adam Schiff has some important news as of late Monday night.

Of course, this breaking tweet comes after a report from Reuters that the Nunes memo “likely” would be released Thursday, so things are getting down to the wire.

Schiff concludes in a letter to Nunes, “It is now imperative that the Committee Majority immediately withdraw the document that it sent to the White House” and proposed that a new vote to release the modified document be held Monday, Feb. 5. At that meeting, the Democrats counter-memo would also be voted on for release.

Schiff’s followers are pretty certain that Nunes is going to jail, and maybe Trump too, so there’s a party going on in Schiff’s mentions right now.

Chuck Schumer’s on it:

What was that Rep. Ted Lieu said about the memo being a big nothingburger again? Sure doesn’t sound like it.

Let’s see if there’s a response from Nunes soon.