It seems everyone in the media who doesn’t work for Fox News wants cable news and broadcast networks to stop carrying President Trump’s daily briefings on the coronavirus crisis. The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan called for TV stations to stop carrying Trump’s “dangerous” press conferences. Joe Scarborough urged all news channels to cut away from Trump’s presser which had “no public benefit.” (MSNBC obliged.) And on Wednesday, the New York Times ran a piece asking if Trump’s daily briefings should be carried live.

The Daily Beast now has a piece compiling all of those complaints, along with some input from industry “insiders” who chose not to be named.

“We might take it from the top and then cut away after the first lie, and return when the lies stop,” the Daily Beast reports one cable-network producer saying. And an MSNBC insider said that someone had already died as a result of the president’s briefings: “They’re so full of misinformation. Someone has already died from it,” a different MSNBC insider said, citing the story of an Arizona man who ingested fish-tank solvent, chloroquine with phosphate, after hearing Trump tout that key ingredient in its prescription-drug form at one of his press conferences.

So Trump’s briefings have proved fatal because a man and his wife decided to ingest fish-tank cleaner because Trump told them to?

Like we reported before, it sure seems like it’s all about ratings — not TV ratings but the president’s ratings — with a new poll giving Trump a 60 percent approval rating of his handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

But journalists like Yamiche Alcindor have to be there to get important information, like what Trump thought about that unnamed White House official who allegedly called the coronavirus the “kung flu.”

It’s pretty tough to prop up Joe Biden with what he’s giving them with his daily shadow briefings.