Yesterday the CEO of Delta came out to slam the new Georgia election laws. Not only was he swatted back by Governor Brian Kemp, but news came out the state legislature responded by declaring if the company opposes the government so much it does not need a fuel tax break they provide the company.

Well, tuck this one into the Not Learning Lessons File, as the CEO of Coca-Cola is the next to get the details of the law incorrect, as he slanders the legislature.

And as expected, when it comes to complaints about details such as voter ID requirements those lodging the complaints are also found to be ”guilty” of holding a very similar style of ID mandate of their own. Coke appears to oppose activities it engages in itself.

Huh. And they JUST got done imposing their anti-racist training recently! This is dire!

But beyond this, there was nothing specific we heard about WHY this law is so horrible. Mr. Quincy had no details to offer in this manner.

If the company was hoping to engender itself to those in opposition to the law they managed to fail at that as well. Few were swayed into thinking this was a genuine outrage by Coke.

Then there is the money issue.

Well, that is one option. But as the legislature showed, there is a two-way street as far as that goes. Coke could find itself facing some tax breaks being removed.

It all comes down to one reality — if James Quincy had simply chosen not to comment at all on the issue nobody would be angry at the company today.


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