Delta CEO Ed Bastian recently denounced Georgia’s SB 202 as a giant step backward for civil rights.

According to Bastian, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp effectively signed Jim Crow legislation into law by legalizing voting requirements like ID, even from black voters. Crazy, right? Delta would never require IDs from members of an underrepresented community.

Well, you know, except if those members of that underrepresented community want to board one of Delta’s planes.

In his response to Bastian’s memo, Brian Kemp points that out, along with a few other things:


Is it shade, or just multiple slaps in Delta’s face?

Kemp’s not lying when he says that Bastian and Delta were cool with SB 202 not so long ago. Here’s Bastian’s statement from March 26:

Guess the urge to virtue-signal was just too powerful to resist.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.