It took Senator Martha McSally all of 3 seconds to render a news network and send the greater journalism industry into pearl-clutching episodes — for days now.  Her toss-away line to CNN reporter Manu Raju, declaring him to be a liberal hack, was such a non-effort on her part she never even paused her stride while entering the Senate chambers.

Yet that brief interlude Thursday morning STILL has the network in a state of manufactured-shocked and faux-outrage. While we here at Twitchy have spent that time providing copious evidence of journalists behaving like liberal hacks the funniest resolution has been this — CNN spent Sunday proving McSally correct.

It involves, of course, CNN’s media watch-Corgi Brian Stelter. Fist on his one-hour sit-com Reliable sources, Brian had guests on to discuss how Martha’s bashing of the defenseless and completely helpless Raju has been a rallying cry for the right.

Let’s recall, since Brian here needs the refresher, that the only reason ANYONE is talking about McSally’s comments is that Raju and his network chose to blow this up into a catastrophic issue. He retweeted the exchange, insinuated that her words could have an effect on her upcoming election, and then a number of CNN elites rose up with their condemnation of this vicious attack.

Then for days numerous journalists jumped into the fray to further deliver condemnation, including the National Press Club. That reaction is the very definition of ”uniting the base”, Brian.

But then with the complete absence of self-awareness, Stelter proceeded to use the balance of his show to display their liberal hackery. In a new segment, he wanted to discuss the issue of how to address ”low-information” voters, and in order to besmirch the intellect of a great swath of this country Brian talked with far-left firebrand and former Obama operative, Jon Favreau.

Understand, this is the same Brian Stelter who obsessively watches Fox News and has stern accusatory words any time they have on hyper-partisan guests.

Not content with showing his liberal hand however Stelter next displayed his cards on a Times Square JumboVision board. It was not enough that he lapsed into his usual Fox-bashing prolix, but to do so he had on a guest to assist — Matt Gertz, from…where?!

Were there any guests seen that could be said to trend to the right of center? Were there any words spoken that could be described as critical, or merely questioning positions of liberals, or Democrats?

Just some idle curiosity circulating about the network that so loudly opposes the suggestion they could be a liberal outlet…