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Sanity Restored: Asian U of London Professor Who Sued for Racism Over Sushi Small Talk Loses Her Case


In the world of the uber-woke, everything is a microaggression and everyone has an ulterior motive. They live in a world where the most innocuous of human encounters are really nefarious attempts at oppression and victimization. Which is why things like small talk -- which we all do on a daily basis -- can be grounds for a lawsuit claiming 'racist harrassment'.


No, really. A professor at the University of London sued because she -- an Asian woman -- was offended a colleague talked about sushi and Asian culture.

Thankfully, she lost her case.

More from ThePublica:

A Japanese Professor of Translation Studies at the University of London, has been told by an Employment Tribunal Judge that being recommended a sushi restaurant by a colleague who “likes” sushi is neither racist discrimination nor harassment.

Professor Nana Sato-Rossberg took her employer to an employment tribunal in March, claiming that she had been racially discriminated against, harassed and victimized by her colleague, Provost Claire Ozanne. At the time, Sato-Rossberg was acting head of the department for Languages, Culture and Linguistics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London.

In her complaint, Sato-Rossberg cited examples of Ozanne saying that she enjoyed “Japanese food and that her [Ozanne’s] family like it and eat sushi” whilst engaging in small talk in the workplace offices.

The Professor, who is a member of staff in the Japan Research Centre, told the tribunal that Ozanne “exhibits racist microaggression attitudes towards her [sic]” and referred to Ozanne discussing her husband having a job in a Japanese Bank and her family’s interest in Japanese cuisine.


Only a woke college professor would look at this as racist. This is the sort of privilege that comes with advanced degrees. A plumber of Asian background isn't going to be offended by this.

So do we.

Didn't know that was racist.

Truly. Without feeling embarrassed about it.

To normal people, it is a fairly reasonable assumption.

The Left are not normal people.

Japanese culture is very different from ours. Asking polite questions is not a microaggression, for example.


Imagine suing over something like that.

Imagine being afraid someone will sue you for racism over having a normal conversation.

It is insane. 

And that's how it should be done.

Well, they are insane. Because they really think it's malicious.

Correct. They are the most unreasonable, irrational people on the planet.


It's funny, but it's also completely by design. They want this division, they want people to not have normal conversations and relationships, they want people to be suspicious about other's motives when interacting with them. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

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