Chris Cuomo, you know, the guy who got so mad over the term ‘Fredo’ he almost physically hurt someone, called Martha McSally a punk for being a big ol’ meanie and calling a liberal hack a liberal hack.

The horror.


Imagine the absolute sh**storm the media would throw if a Fox News talking head talked about a female Democratic senator in this way. And Lemon pointing out she didn’t win the seat and Fredo even says it belongs to McCain? That seat belongs to the state of Arizona, ya nobs.

Gawd, CNN is just awful.

How dare she speak the truth!

He called her a punk.


Suck it up, boys.

THERE it is.

Remember how mad Fredo got when someone called him Fredo?

We should definitely not call him Fredo.

So don’t call him Fredo, got it?




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