Sean Davis was good enough to send out several tweets illustrating how many times CNN has gotten stories completely wrong, lied, or made complete idiots out of themselves and while we know this isn’t all of them (not seeing the ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ debacle) the number he pulled that are fairly recent is just ridiculous.

Luckily we think they’re a joke so this only made us laugh but wow … if people in other jobs screwed up this much they’d be unemployed.

Take a gander.

They don’t call CNN ‘fake news’ for nothin’.

This is SWEET.

On so many levels.


Just because everything they do is to hurt Trump doesn’t mean that’s how other people, outlets, organizations, and countries do things.


They’ve been sued a lot.

Wouldn’t put it past them.

This is one of our personal faves.

John Brennan always looks like he needs to pass gas.

There are 10 other times in this article alone …

Remember when Brian Stelter couldn’t stop fanboying over Avenatti?


Imagine misquoting Lincoln of all people.

Didn’t Chris say ‘Fredo’ was a slur too?

Poor Fredo.



Did we say wow already?


Ok, wow again.

Refused to correct it.

CNN is the fakest of the fake.



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