When will John Brennan figure out it’s time for him to sit down and shut up? We suppose he’s desperate to spin things knowing that AG Barr is looking into the origin of the Russia investigation (among other things), but he made a real nob of himself on Rachel Maddow babbling about the famous Zelensky note.

Les Parnas.

He can’t even get his name right.

But sure, everyone should take this a-hole seriously.



Ding ding ding.

That’s not true. She has at least a few dozen fanatics who desperately cling to the notion that Hillary Clinton can still be the president who watch her.

Famous for lying.

And Parnas is going to court for lying.

We’re seeing a theme here.

That’s so rare!

Whoa, there’s some seriously legit evidence.


Brit Hume came in with a perfect mic drop:

This whole damn thing, from Russia to Ukraine, has been sloppy.



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