Man oh man, Democrats sure can pick ’em.

From Stormy Daniels, to Cohen, to Avenatti (ha ha ha ha), to Vindman, to Yovanovitch, to Ciaramella … and now Lev Parnas. If they were looking for a way to make us point and laugh at them even more for their desperate attempts to remove Trump, they’ve succeeded. Parnas went on with Rachel Maddow of all people to tell his story that the Left tells us will totally sink Trump THIS TIME, except it sounds like just more BS.

Victoria Toensing, who appears to have first-hand knowledge of the situation, called him a liar.

We know, you’re shocked.

Take a gander:

Never discussed Ukraine corruption with AG Barr.

Never anything about Rudy Giuliani.

Hrm. But Parnas said!

Go ahead, Democrats, put all those silly little eggs in the ‘Lev Parnas Basket’ … LOL

Our good, delicate, reliable, trustworthy friends on the Left don’t exactly have the best track record with their ‘witnesses’ and whistleblowers.


Sorry, too soon?

Dirtbags everywhere.

This entire story is a no-facts all-spin zone.



You know what … that’s a good point.




Queen of Conspiracies Rachel Maddow conveniently ‘forgets’ to ask Lev Parnas about his 2018 indictment that contradicts his WHOLE story (watch)