Just when you think the Left can’t get any more repugnant, shameful, and outright disgusting, along comes their latest ‘smoking gun,’ Lev Parnas. And just like every other ‘witness’ who will SINK TRUMP THIS TIME, this guy seems to be full of crap, BUT the media is doing their part to pretend he’s not.

Rachel Maddow interviewed Parnas and of course, Lefty-Twitter is all a-flutter about how his claims not only sink Trump but Pence as well!



They’re so ridiculous, even #PresidentPelosi is trending this morning.

Except it looks like he’s not being completely honest … like so many others before him:

Then again, if Maddow didn’t ask him for the whole story … does that make her more disgusting than even Parnas?


He made it ‘crystal clear’.

His only motivation …

Ya’ don’t say:

At the request of one or more Ukrainian officials.


Sounds like Parnas’ idea of crystal clear is mud.

Good question. Why DIDN’T they call Parnas?

And Maddow didn’t ask him about it.


Sounds like another Cohen to us.

Right? The people Democrats have found to try and destroy Trump have been so trustworthy and honest so far …

Oh, wait.

Common sense here.

If Trump wanted her gone he would have just removed her.

When will these people figure out that all they’ve done by trying to find a smoking gun to finally ‘get rid of’ Trump has not only harmed their party but the country as well? Their entire purpose has been throwing an endless temper tantrum because they lost an election … and will likely lose again because of said tantrum. Well, that and Trump has done far better than anyone expected and the Democrats running are a train wreck.

Good times.