As Twitchy readers know, Ilhan Omar is indeed being investigated by the FBI, ICE, and the Department of Education. So her timing on whining about Trump stepping down over the GAO report is HILARIOUS. Does this mean she’ll be stepping down as well? And gosh, Obama was also found to have broken the law by the same group, he didn’t step down.

She really is clueless:

Implicated? Hrm.

Then Ilhan should definitely step down.


The American people have been ready to move on from all of this nonsense since before it started. But Democrats have really and truly screwed up so they need all of this to have something to run on this year. Yes, it’s exhausting and likely only hurting their efforts but here we are.

We’re not sure someone who allegedly married her brother for immigration reasons should be in Congress.

Sorry, not sorry.

They’ve been screeching for years now that Trump has to prove his innocence.

Scary, right?


Except she’s not funny haha, she’s funny annoying.


HEY, that’s a Twitchy article. WINNING!


Actions speak louder than words, Ilhan.

They are gonna hate how this circus ends.

Because reasons!

Thinking maybe, just maaaaaybe, Ilhan should sit this one out.



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