The GAO (Government Accountability Office) released a report today rebuking Trump’s Ukraine ploy … and of course, WaPo was front and center to add their spin.

See if you can find, ‘undermines his no crime defense’ anywhere in the report.

Hint, you can’t.

But it is the Washington Post so it’s not so much about the actual report but their spin spin spin.

From WaPo (sorry):

The GOP has made the idea there was no crime a central argument in its impeachment defense of President Trump. The articles of impeachment, Republicans argue, don’t actually accuse Trump of a specific, statutory criminal act, so the process is illegitimate.

This, of course, ignores that you don’t need a crime to impeach. But that strained argument was just severely undermined.

The Government Accountability Office ruled Thursday the Trump administration’s withholding of aid to Ukraine violated the law, because Trump can’t use his policy priorities to supersede the constitutional power of the purse that Congress enjoys.

If Congress appropriates the money, essentially, Trump needs to have a very specific reason for withholding it, and the reasons supplied didn’t qualify.

Wonder if WaPo wrote articles like this one when the GAO report rebuked the Obama administration:


Or this time:

Oops again.

Here a GAO, there a GAO …

Did these incidents ‘undermine’ Obama? Should he have been impeached? Is the Left nothing more than a bunch of biased rage-donkeys looking for any and every excuse to remind us all that ‘orange man is BAD’?

Inquiring minds wanna know.

Isn’t their Constitutional duty? That’s what they said and stuff …





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