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Think what you like about Trump but you can never say he does not handle adversity better than Joe Biden. He spoke at the Libertarian convention and was booed. He fought back with a joke. Joe Biden can hardly remember he is the President much less come up with a quip in the face of adversity.


Look, he is not wrong. Libertarians are a wild breed, but they should really think about being realistic this time around. You can read this writer's opinion about what they should consider in a VIP piece we wrote earlier, but for this piece, we are going to focus on that excellent joke! Users on X agreed it was a fantastic comeback.

Facts!!! They do make it easy.

We are talking BIG L Libertarians, like the ones who show up and streak across the stage naked, wear pajamas while they smoke a blunt and talk about legalizing heroin, dress up in porcupine costumes, and then expect us to take them seriously as they opine about a country as large as the USA existing with a completely isolationist foreign policy, or the ones who become blood-splatter experts on X. Those types.

They not only deserve the ridicule. We are going to be disappointed in you if you do not participate in the ridicule with us.


High fives all around. They get it.

We think the difference is the Big L Libertarians who go to the conventions versus the small L Libertarians who are kind of over the GOP and want small government but realize the Libertarian Party is not making any headway on the national stage.

NOPE. He is not.


YUP! Biden can not even take pre-prepared questions from a media who is literally on his side. The difference between the two is almost shocking.

That sounds like he might have won a few of them over.

hahaha! Even if you do not like Trump, you have to admit he is quick-witted.

The juxtaposition of Trump and Biden is going to become more apparent as the campaigns move forward. Not only in policy but in simple physicality and brain acuity. There is no way in this world Joe Biden could face a crowd who disliked him without getting angry and belligerent and challenging them to a push-up contest or calling them dog-faced pony soldiers.

Don't get us wrong, we laugh at Joe Biden too. The difference is we are laughing AT him not along with him. ANYWAY ... we hope that Trump keeps up the BIG 'L' Laughs even if it is at the Libertarian Party's expense this time.


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