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Biden and Kamala AKA Cheech and Ding Dong Announce Marijuana Reclassification

AP Photo/Hans Pennink

Biden is trying to make people forget how bad his economy sucks by reclassifying marijuana. Moving the drug from a Schedule 1 drug to Schedule III will bring less severe consequences for possession.


You know and we know that he is pandering BUT what he may not have thought about is the fact that after people smoke weed they tend to get the munchies and those munchies are gonna cost A HECK OF A LOT MORE than they used to so this little trick might backfire on Cheech and Ding Dong. You can let Kamala or Biden be Ding Dong, we do not care either way. :)

People had a lot to say about the announcement. One of our favorites was this post of when Tulsi Gabbard destroyed her on the debate stage regarding her record with Marijauna proving Kamala to be a big giant hypocrite.

Pointing out her history with convictions as well as her claim she smoked it was very POPULAR!


There were a lot of posts about what has happened to Canada since they made pot legal as well.

People like to point to Canada for all kinds of things like healthcare and legal weed, but when you really dig below the surface neither of those things are working out great for them.

It changes nothing in the system but the punishment is different. Schedule 1 is a felony and Schedule III is a misdemeanor.

We think she is just that goofy, but we would not be surprised if she was smoking a few joints between the cackling.

LOL! That one had nothing to do with anything it just simply made us laugh and if we can not put random posts that mean nothing but make us laugh in a story about weed when can we do it?


AAAAaaaand there you have it. They can try to trick us but even when you are high you should see that the Doritos are almost 10 bucks for the party-size bag and who wants a small bag of Doritos when you have the munchies?

If we have another 4 years of Biden our economy is gonna continue to go up in smoke.

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