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Biden's Campaign Ad About Being Sharp Leads to COMEDY GOLD on X


The Biden campaign has an ad where someone refers to him as 'sharp as a knife' and the mockery and laughter it has provided us is AMAZING!


Look, the Biden Presidency is awful, the country is in shambles, and his administration is making a mess of everything, we understand they are trying to help push this guy over the finish line and remove some of the fears regarding if he is all there in the brain department BUT, bringing attention to the facts he is NOT all there is not the way to do it.

Sharp as a knife? Maybe sharp as a plastic knife but not a butter knife, and definitely not any butcher knives, and not even allowed to be in the same kitchen as a Ginsu™ knife. hahaha

The responses on X have us rolling!

If so, it worked!

The fact the dude said it with a straight face says to us that the academy needs to hunt him down and award the man an Oscar.

The posts with people showing the knives he must be as sharp as were GOLD JERRY, GOLD!



True, but the Left thrives on repeating things they know are not true until people accept them as true. It is how we are to the point in our culture where people burning and looting cities is called 'mostly peaceful protesting' and a grandma praying on January 6th is in jail.

We absolutely LOVE it when people bring up other insane Bidenisms! Corn Pop! *snort*

We don't think even Biden supporters believe Biden is sharp-witted. They would be better off to play the 'Uncle Joe' card like they have done for the past 40 years or however long the man has been around in politics. They really should just let the man retire and save him from pooping on another pope, but the Left does not seem to understand dignity.


Oh well, at least we had a good laugh. We are not saying you should go play a hashtag game we may have started, but if you are bored and looking to have some fun, go play #ThingsBidenIsSharperThan. You'll have fun and we have several more months to deal with this insanity, we all need to laugh!

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