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Dear GOP: Left and the Media (But We Repeat Ourselves) Will Make 2024 About Abortion, Don't Let Them

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There's not a doubt this election -- at least for the Democratic Party -- hinges on one issue and one issue alone:


Biden can't run on the economy. He can't run on border security. He can't run on taxes. He can't run on crime.

So he's going to go back to women and try to convince them Trump will turn America into something out of the Handmaid's Tale if we don't reelect Biden.

Except, I don't see how that works this year, though. Because in the blue states, abortion is safe, so the issue is a non-starter.

In red states, Biden's terrible, sexist, and woman-hating rewrite of Title IX -- which destroys women's and girls' sports, locker rooms, and scholarship opportunities -- is going to weigh heavily on the minds of women who see their daughters losing competitions to and sharing locker space with boys and men.

But the narrative is set. Here's just a sample:

And they straight-up lie about abortion, putting women's lives at risk.

So the GOP would do well to know how to handle those questions when they arise, because they will arise.

When the media asks you about abortion, the answer should be simple: 

'The Supreme Court has spoken on this issue, it now belongs to the states. Right now, Americans are dealing with record inflation and that's the biggest issue concerning them. Would you like to ask me questions about that?'

Or: 'Voters in a majority of swing states cite immigration and open borders as their major concern, let's talk about that.'

How about: 'Crime is out of control in many cities, and citizens fear for their safety. We have a plan to address it.'

Time and again, the Republicans let the Democrats and their toadies in the media control the narrative, and they fall into the trap of answering questions the media then uses against them. We saw it with Nikki Haley and her Civil War gaffe, and with Kristi Noem and her dog.

You don't have to answer the questions the media asks you. You can turn the narrative around. The media will hate it, but who cares? They hate you anyway, and will do whatever they can to undermine the Republican ticket -- from the president on down the ballot.

Don't take the bait. Don't play the media's game. They are hoping to drive women to the polls on this one issue, and they are going to pound that issue. Hard. Ad buys (even ridiculous ones), posts on X and Facebook, breathless editorials. 

It's your job to remind Americans what's really at stake -- increased taxes, ongoing inflation, a wide open border bringing drugs and criminals into this country, disastrous soft-on-crime policies in our cities. Speak about the issues that Americans are most concerned about, and that will help you win this election.


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