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New Season of The Handmaid's Tale Leaked! Gavin Newsom's New Abortion Ad is Accidentally Hilarious

George Kraychyk/Hulu via AP

Two young women fleeing in a car, desperately trying to escape as the state line gets nearer. 'We're going to make it,' one girl exclaims as the other holds her breath, too afraid to hope. Only one mile to go, so close to freedom. But then she sees the flashing lights behind her ...


A scene from the newest season of the Handmaid's Tale? Nope. That would be an abortion ad shared by California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

No, really.



They actually have a stereotypical southern police officer that says, and this is a quote, 'I'm going to need you to step out of the vehicle and take a pregnancy test.' He holds up a pregnancy test.

They are super serious about this.

We all know the left can't meme. Apparently, they can't make compelling political ads without accidentally creating rightwing comedy, either.

Of course, for Newsom's target audience, this is very persuasive! 


He means this seriously, not jokingly like we are.

Yes, Brian, Republicans are absolutely training police officers at this very moment to chase down pretty blonde girls trying to escape to get abortions.

The hysteria, of course, is entirely hypothetical, as is usually the case. However, that has never stopped the left's media propaganda before.

Liberals will believe anything.


Honestly can't tell if she's making fun of the video or being serious.

Yes, honey. Didn't you watch the Handmaid's Tale. The time to flee to Canada is NOW! Hurry!

Yes, Ma'am.

Sadly, as evidenced by the many, many hysterical and outraged comments, the Democratic base absolutely believes this video is real, possibly even actual police body cam footage!

That's the whole point and very few are as good at inciting fear and hysteria for political advantage than CA Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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