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The Biden Administration's Re-Write of Title IX Shows They REALLY Despise Women

AP Photo/Peter Morgan

I was never an athlete, but I am a woman. And I am mad; beyond mad at the Biden administration's re-write of Title IX, because it says I am now a second-class citizen in this country. 

From Townhall:

The Biden administration will stop at nothing to erase women and girls in the name of “inclusion” for individuals who believe they are “transgender.”

On Friday, the Biden administration released new rules to protect LGBTQ+ individuals under the federal civil rights legislation Title IX. Title IX went into effect in 1972 to protect sex discrimination in educational programs that receive federal funding.

Going forward, the basis of “sex” now encompasses the concept of “gender identity.”

“These regulations make it crystal clear that everyone can access schools that are safe, welcoming and that respect their rights,” Miguel Cardona, Biden’s education secretary, said in a call with reporters from The New York Times on Thursday.

In a video posted to X, Cardona claimed that these new rules built upon the legacy of Title IX.

“This final regulation strengthens and restores vital protections against sex discrimination, including sexual harrassment. It also protects students against discrimination based on pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation and gender identity,” he said in the video.

In reality, it shouldn't surprise me because when a top Biden administration official -- HHS Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine -- calls us 'egg producers' because the word 'woman' is reserved for men who think they're women. You know, like Levine.

The only time we're useful to the Biden administration is when they can use our votes, and the only reason they want us to vote for them is because they'll allow us to kill our babies in the womb.

What a deal, ladies.

They'll sell us out to men, but at least we can murder our offspring (usually at the behest of the fathers who don't want the responsibility of fatherhood).

But tell us more about the patriarchy and 'toxic masculinity', leftists.

This re-write of Title IX echoes the insanity taking place in Scotland right now, where -- thankfully -- J.K. Rowling has managed to neuter that country's absurd 'hate speech' legislation that would criminalize calling 'trans women' men (among other things). Hasn't stopped them from trying to pass a separate 'misogyny law' that would still protect men who think they're women at the expense of actual women.

Time and again, we are expected to shut up and sit down and let delusional men show us how to be better women.

If you object to a fully-intact male showing his penis to you in a locker room, you're guilty of 'harrasment' under these rules. Isn't that peachy?

He's not harassing you. You're not the victim anymore. He is.

The ADF is already filing suit.


Townhall reports:

The Biden-pursued change to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 — set to take effect on August 1 — is a "radical redefinition of sex" that "turns back the clock on equal opportunity for women, threatens student safety and privacy, and undermines fairness in women's sports," said ADF Legal Counsel Rachel Rouleau. 

Biden's inane version of Title IX removes biological "sex" in favor of "gender identity" and means that biological males can take scholarships meant for women, use women's locker rooms and other private facilities, and be roomed in women's housing such as dorms. Anyone who engages in "wrong speak" on the topic, thanks to Biden's policy, could also face punishment under the new regulation.

How much longer are we going to go along with this game, ladies? How much longer are we going to hope a court rules in our favor and that the Democrats will listen? Biden ignored SCOTUS on student loan forgiveness; what makes you think he'll listen if a SCOTUS overturns these Title IX rules?

Spoiler alert: he won't.

Not only does the Democrat party only listen to court rulings they like, it thinks we're women only when it's politically advantageous for them, and only when it comes to abortion. The only time we're not 'egg producers' or 'womb owners' or people with 'front holes' is when they want us to vote for them so they can codify killing our children before they're born.

Otherwise, we take a back seat to trans activist and men who think they're women and entitled to our scholarships, our athletic achievements, and our bodies.

They don't care about us, or our daughters.

They don't care about our safety, our safe spaces, our right to privacy. 

The reality is they never have. Perhaps it hasn't impacted many of the suburban women voters who are so fond of voting for Democrats. Until now. Now it's their daughters, their sisters, their cousins who are impacted by this Title IX rewrite. As girls lose competitions and scholarships -- both athletic and academic now -- and opportunities to boys and men, maybe their eyes will be opened.

And I haven't even touched on the fact that this re-write brings back the arcane, biased, and dangerous rules regarding sexual assault reporting on campus. These rules -- removed under Trump by Betsy DeVos -- return to the days when a mere accusation of sexual impropriety could ruin a man's academic career and future. Days where accusers don't have to provide evidence, or even face the person they accused in a hearing. The accused are denied access to evidence and the opportunity to adequately defend themselves. So it negatively impacts our sons, too.

Maybe now we'll wake up to this and vote accordingly.


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