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ABC draws attention to Joe Biden's 'personal pain' over Hunter Biden, who is himself a victim in a way

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

As soon as the news broke that Hunter Biden would be walking away from the laundry list of serious allegations against him with a couple of guilty pleas to tax fraud, we had two thoughts:


1) Damn, it's good to be the criminal son of a Democratic president, and

2) The mainstream media are going to be even more insufferable than usual.

Turns out we were right about both!

It should be blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes and ears that Hunter Biden is benefiting from his status as Joe Biden's son, getting away with stuff that none of us could even dream of getting away with. And it should be just as obvious that the media are falling all over themselves to pretend that's not the case.

We covered a few instances of utterly embarrassing media spin on Hunter Biden yesterday, and here's another one for the pile, courtesy of ABC's "Good Morning America":

Why won't Republicans just drop their interest in Hunter Biden's crimes? Don't they know how much pain Joe Biden is in? Don't they care???

Always pouncing. Relentless, those Republicans.

The media are relentless, too, though: relentless sycophantic lapdogs for Democrats.


George Stephanopoulos et al. love the taste of a good boot.

You're not supposed to think about that. Focus on Joe Biden's pain, OK?

It's funny you should say that, because according to NewsNation host and legal commentator Dan Abrams, Hunter's punishment is ackshually pretty severe. Because he's a Biden:

Yeah, if this wasn't Hunter Biden, he might not have been prosecuted at all. Just proclaimed guilty right then and there and thrown into prison, which is effectively what happens to normal people — particularly of a racial minority persuasion — who have done far less.


Good Lord, Dan. If this is what passes for legal analysis these days, we need to have a serious purge of legal analysts ASAP.

This ... is the state of the American legacy media.

Please make it stop.



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