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Ayanna Pressley's gonna have to show her work for this student debt cancellation checklist

Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley has never let facts or logic get in the way of her policy ideas … so why the hell would she start now?

She wouldn’t. And she’s not.

Student debt cancellation is a cause that’s been near and dear to Pressley’s heart for some time now, and it’s still very important to her. But that’s not all it is according to her. It’s at least three other things:

OK, let’s go through each item on her checklist.

“Popular policy.” Well, it’s indeed popular among people who don’t understand or care that when the agree to take out a loan, they’re expected to pay it back in full, with interest. But we’re not inclined to look to people like that for policy guidance. Also, since when does “popular” mean “fiscally responsible” or “justified” or “wise”?

“Legally sound.” We’d very much like to see the legal support for student debt cancellation. We’d also like to hear her explain how student debt cancellation by executive fiat is constitutional when the U.S. Constitution expressly forbids such actions by the president.

“Deeply needed.” By whom? By people who made the decision to live beyond their means when choosing a college and major? And what makes student debt cancellation deeply needed more than, say, abolishing the income tax?

They sure would! I know I would. Especially with all the inflation that’s resulted from Democrats’ economic policies. I paid off all my student loan debt and I’m still struggling to afford basic groceries for my family and gas for my car. But less tax revenue affects Democrats’ bottom line, and they’d sooner gnaw their own feet off than cut off the pipeline to their pipe-dream policies and pork projects. And to the lucrative little racket the federal government and universities have had going for so long, of course.

Like so many progressive Democrats, Ayanna Pressley is appealing to people’s emotions rather than their logic. It’s what she’s always done. And what really sucks is that she knows full-well that she’s lying through her teeth to her constituents and to Americans all over the country and will never be held to account by mainstream media “fact-checkers” whose job it literally is to call out and debunk blatant falsehoods.



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