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Joe Biden reminds us that 'the world is not a patch in our jeans,' which is technically true

Joe Biden is in Kentucky with GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell talking up his big bipartisan infrastructure law as well as his overall great economic success.


Well, if you did tune in as he delivered his remarks, you may find that you managed to lose a few brain cells in the process:


Is he referring to his old Puerto Rican neighborhood? Or to his old Jewish neighborhood? Or to a different neighborhood altogether? We’d very much like to know, because we’re unfamiliar with the expression — paraphrased or otherwise — “the world is not a patch in our jeans.”

Needless to say, it must’ve been some neighborhood.

Let’s just say we wouldn’t be surprised.

If not, we should probably get Corn Pop involved. Maybe he could translate for us.


As it stands right now, if anything Joe Biden says makes sense to you, you might want to get your head examined.

Hmmm … that might explain it. Senility plus Kamala Harris’ speechwriters could definitely result in something like this.

Let’s just say that Biden’s jeans need a lot more than a patch to fix them.



In Florida, President Joe Biden tries out his southern accent


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