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NBC News' Ben Collins sounds alarm about Elon Musk's Twitter enabling J6-level post-election violence

Just last week, NBC News’ “dystopia beat” senior reporter Ben Collins sounded the alarm about the havoc that Elon Musk would wreak on our democracy by taking ownership of Twitter.


Of course, today, the threat posed by Elon Musk is infinitely worse. Because today is Election Day, and with Musk in charge of Twitter, the wheels are poised to come off and, if we’re not careful, we could be in for violence of January 6 proportions. But don’t take our word for; take Ben Collins’, who has apparently been talking to people on the inside at Twitter and has learned just how precarious a position our country is in right now:

Wow, Ben. Thank you for this Very Important Journalism. Your courage has not gone unnoticed.

He really does think he’s some kind of bold crusader for Truth and Justice.


Twitter wokescolds and journalists (though there’s definitely some overlap there).

He probably waited until the break for that.

Well said. In fact, partisan pundits masquerading as reporters is literal violence.



WATCH: NBC News’ Ben Collins thinks it’s time for media to be honest about Trumpism, which is ‘a violent fairytale of revenge on political enemies’


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