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WATCH: Ilhan Omar gets asked to explain her support for #DefundThePolice in light of rising crime, reacts just as you'd expect

Ilhan Omar has made no secret of her desire to defund the police. Honestly we’re not really sure what she has against them. They don’t even use real handcuffs with her when she takes herself into police custody!


But today, Omar was asked directly about her anti-police position in light of the rise in crime in her home district and state, and suddenly, the reliably loquacious Squad member had nothing to say.


Man. She could not get away from there fast enough!


But we hope that they’ll continue to be confronted by a reporter here and there and asked to explain their positions. It doesn’t happen nearly enough.


More, please.



Ilhan Omar dances on a stage sponsored by a ‘greedy’ corporation that’s an enemy of The Squad

Staffers for prog reps like AOC and Ilhan Omar have filed to unionize, citing ‘culture of abuse’


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