OK, guys, we have a confession to make. When it comes to the congressional Squad, we were wrong. It turns out they’re not completely terrible. They actually have something very valuable to bring to the political discourse. We had to wait a while to find it, but it looks like our patience has finally paid off.


Entertainment value is still value, and these days, it’s extra valuable. So thank you, AOC and Cory Bush and Ilhan Omar and Ro Khanna and other proud progressive representatives for giving us something to be grateful for.

Because of course they are. It’s just so perfect.

Hold up, Jay … do you mean to say that the über-progressive wing of the Democratic Party is full of shi**y employers?

Well, according to at least some of the staffers, there was emotional, mental, and physical abuse (and even racism!):

And members of Congress like AOC have just sat there and allowed that culture of abuse to fester until staffers finally got up the courage to speak out? For shame. For shame! 

That’s basically their message in a nutshell.

We know we sure will.

And we’re absolutely here for it.