Remember that time today when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got fake-arrested and got taken into fake custody with her hands bound behind her back in fake handcuffs?

We laughed and laughed and laughed … and then we laughed some more. And now, we’re also laughing at AOC’s Squad Soul Sister Ilhan Omar, who appears to have gone through a similarly harrowing experience:

“Arrested” “in a civil disobedience action.”

It indeed appears to be Rep. Omar … but what doesn’t appear anywhere in the video is  any sign of handcuffs.

“Confirms.” We do not think it means what Esme thinks it means.

Self-arrest is arguably even funnier than what AOC did. Look at her walking, unaccompanied, with her hands clasped together behind her back in invisible handcuffs. It’s just great.

Did you catch that wave at the end? Just like AOC’s fist-pump.

Of course she’s not cuffed.

How embarrassing for the Democrats.

It’s definitely a great day to be a Squad critic, that’s for sure.

And, like AOC, being “taken into police custody” looks an awful lot like taking a stroll to where the real party’s at:

Sounds pretty fun. How do we get in on that? We’ve got plenty of fake handcuffs we can slap on if that’s all it takes.


Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets.