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Pentagon spox John Kirby says that 'Putin is, no kidding, weaponizing food'

Yesterday, the official White House Twitter account sent this out to remind us all who’s really responsible for inflation and higher prices for pretty much everything American consumers need:


Despite the fact that fewer and fewer Americans are actually buying this spin, the Biden administration just keeps pressing ahead with it. Which is their prerogative. Like, if they’re going to go full kamikaze on this, we’re certainly not going to stand in their way.

And that does appear to be what they have decided to do. At a presser today, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby — who, if you’ll recall, was brought in as reinforcements for White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during a White House press briefing last week — decided to make a slight but very creative tweak to the Biden administration’s “This is all Putin’s fault!” narrative:

Say what?

“No kidding.”


We can’t speak to the war in Ukraine, but the Biden administration has certainly devolved. They appear to have the collective IQ of a potato.

We should probably be prepared for that.

They’re just trying to get out ahead of the next crisis.

Well, needless to say, we can’t wait to see how Kirby will top himself next time he takes the White House podium. Which, if things keep going the way they’ve been going, should be any day now:



Pentagon’s John Kirby still can’t confirm the ‘high profile’ targets who were killed in US drone strike

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