As Twitchy reported, the New York Times had a bombshell report last week that the drone strike carried out in Kabul after the terrorist attack at the airport killed an aid worker and nine members of his family, including children. The Times says there was no secondary explosion, and the aid worker was loading jugs of water into his car trunk, not explosives.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby was asked about the Times’ report Monday, and he still can’t confirm the names of the terrorists killed in that drone strike.

“What I can say is I cannot confirm them at this time,” Kirby told reporter Phil Stewart. Asked if there was any time in the future he’d be able to confirm them, Kirby simply said, “I think I need to leave it there.”

The Times’ reporters on the ground there seemed to be able to confirm the identities of all 10 people killed.

We thought the Pentagon said at the time they’d nailed “high-profile” ISIS targets.