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Dana Loesch systematically dismantles PolitiFact's 'absolute BS' guide for journalists reporting on red flag laws

Yesterday, PolitiFact went to bat for themselves really hard, defending the work ethic and integrity of their dedicated and impeccably principled “journalists.”


They then followed that up with warning about “misinformation” surrounding red flag laws:

If we didn’t know any better, we might think that PolitiFact were going out of their way to prove their critics exactly right.

That’s quite an impressive ratio, PolitiFact! And well deserved, we’d say. Because your tweet and your article are full of lies.

Someone needs to call you out for your false gun control narratives. And who better to call out false gun control narratives than Dana Loesch?


Are PolitiFact’s stunning and brave journalists stunning and brave enough to take Loesch up on her generous offer?

Don’t hold your breath.


“Absolute clown turds”? Fact-check: true.

Apparently PolitiFact graduated with honors from the Taylor Lorenz University  of Fact-Checking and Journalism. Quite an achievement.



Virginia Senate passes red flag law; Dana Loesch weighs in on due process

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