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Jen Psaki defends mask mandates — and dismisses plane passengers gladly going maskless — only to be undercut by ... Joe Biden

If we may take a brief digression from the dumpster fire that is WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz doxxing the woman behind Libs of Tik Tok, let’s listen in on what Jen Psaki had to say during this afternoon’s White House press briefing. We promise that it’s terrible in its own right.


Who are these people and why do they all have absolutely no business whatsoever dictating unscientific policy?

Seriously, we’re totally cool with masking — if you choose to do it. When the federal judge struck down the mask mandate extension yesterday, she didn’t include any stipulations forbidding anyone from wearing a mask if they want to.

Exactly. But we get the feeling that Jen Psaki has a problem with words in general. Check out what else she said shortly before that bit:

So what Jen Psaki is telling us not to believe our lying eyes and ears, even when we can see for ourselves that there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to wear a mask indefinitely and are happy to be able to breathe air without having to do it through some kind of unnatural barrier.


She’s also telling us that. Whoops.

The White House has a chance to do the right thing and encourage Americans to get on with their lives, even while still taking reasonable precautions, and instead, they’re doing … whatever this is. It’s truly amazing to behold.

November is gonna be something, isn’t it?


We’re already popping the popcorn. Forgive us for dipping into it a little early, but we just can’t resist:

Uh-oh … Jen had better call the Easter Bunny.



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