Now that the federal mask mandate for airline travel is gone, let’s take a look and see how those who’ve had to live with it every day — flight attendants and pilots — are taking the news, shall we?

First up is this flight attendant who literally broke down in tears after being able to remove her mask after two years:

“You can hear the joy in her voice”:

And here’s a pilot sharing the news with his passengers. “The reaction from everyone on the plane says it all”:

But just because the mandate is gone doesn’t mean masks are going away. The New York and New Jersey Port Authority will keep masking in place, but not everywhere:

There’s so much science here it burns:

And the MTA in New York City is still requiring masks:

But in New Jersey, bus and train travel can be done mask free:

The White House has since warned that a new mandate might be coming:

And they’re promising to clear things up:



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