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Stephen L. Miller hopes Dems will take lib 'historian' Kevin Kruse's hot Clarence Thomas take and run like hell with it into the midterms

Man. This business with Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni Thomas’ reported texts with GOP Rep. Mark Meadows in early January of 2021 are really bringing out all the liberal historians!


We already told you about Politico Magazine contributing editor and self-described “historian” Joshua Zeitz’s take on it, which was that “Abe Fortas rightly had to resign over issues a lot less problematic than what Clarence Thomas now has to answer for.” That take was stupid and wrong on a couple of levels. But Zeitz isn’t alone.

There’s also writer and self-described “historian” Kevin Kruse, who has a long and distinguished record of being stupid and wrong. Here’s Kevin’s take on the Clarence-Thomas-failing-to-keep-his-wife-in-line-and-under-his-thumb situation:

See what he did there?

That’s good, because Kevin Kruse evidently doesn’t see what he did there. But Stephen L. Miller, aka @redsteeze, does, and he’s hoping that the Democratic Party looks to Kruse for guidance on what their midterm election strategy should be:


Ah, yes. Mustn’t forget that one. Look how well it worked out in Virginia!

Anyway, Kruse doesn’t seem interested in taking Miller’s free advice:

OK, Kevin. Just lean harder. We’re sure you guys’ll do juuuust fine this fall.



Proud lefty historian is outraged at Trump for comparing impeachment to ‘lynching,’ but likening ICE facilities to Nazi death camps is totally fine

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