In case you missed it, ailing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has vaulted to the front of the line in the race to see who the Left hates the most right now. And it’s all thanks to some text messages his wife Ginni Thomas reportedly sent to GOP Rep. Mark Meadows in early January 2021.

The calls for impeachment are growing louder and louder, and, despite how ridiculous they sound, liberals appear determined to lean into it as hard as they can. Here’s self-described “historian” and Politico Magazine contributing editor Joshua Zeitz with his contribution to the discourse:

You know, for a historian, Joshua doesn’t seem super well versed in history.

From the ABA Journal:

Johnson nominated Fortas for chief justice, and with the prospect of a Richard Nixon presidency looming months later, Southern senators from both parties began resisting pressure from Johnson for a fast-tracked confirmation. And in the subsequent Fortas vetting, opponents found what they needed to deny him the post.

First, there was a $15,000 payment to Fortas for a summer teaching post. Not only was this considered an extraordinary supplement to his $39,500 government salary, the post was funded by former law firm clients. More significantly for a sitting justice, Fortas revealed he had never stopped advising Johnson—attending White House staff meetings, advising on judicial nominations and reporting on private deliberations by the court.

Faced with a Senate filibuster, Fortas asked Johnson to withdraw his name. He returned to the court only to face another scandal when Life magazine revealed he had been receiving regular payments from Louis Wolfson, a former Wall Street client convicted of fraud. Under their agreement, Fortas was to receive $20,000 a year for life. He had returned the money, but only after Wolfson was indicted.

Wow. That’s pretty bad, no?

But we’re still waiting to hear how Clarence Thomas is way worse than Abe Fortas because of stuff his wife did. Looks like we’re gonna have to wait a while.

That’s actually a very good and interesting point. The vigor with which the media and liberals are going after Clarence Thomas over Ginni Thomas really does reek of sexism.

That’s what it effectively boils down to.



Vox’s Ian Millhiser reminds us about the time that ‘Clarence Thomas successfully conspired […] to overturn the result of the 2000 election’

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