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Erick Erickson shares damning montage that quite clearly shows that 'high gas prices are all part of Biden's plan' [video]

Joe Biden is always happy to take credit for anything good that happens, and given the rarity of good things that have happened lately, we kind of understand the impulse. The problem is that good things only seem to happen despite Joe Biden, and he never wants to take ownership of the bad stuff. Like the energy crisis, for example.


Yesterday, Drew Holden took the opportunity to fact-check Biden’s assertions that his policies aren’t holding back domestic energy production. As always, Holden came in bearing receipts. And they were very effective receipts.

But the case against Biden gets even stronger when you actually watch the footage of Joe Biden himself, in all his glory, paint himself into an intellectual corner from which there is no escape. Erick Erickson recently shared this indisputably effective — and indisputably damning — montage featuring Biden (and members of his administration) making it abundantly clear where the buck actually stops:



Joe Biden’s White House can blame Vladimir Putin until they’re blue in the face, but it doesn’t change the fact that Putin didn’t build this energy crisis. The Biden administration made this happen.


Joe Biden is clearly counting on our memories to be as sieve-like as his. He needs us to be as stupid as we would need to be in order to believe his BS.

Lord knows we’ve got an unlimited supply of bullsh*t from Joe Biden and Co. Too bad we still end up paying for it.



Biden econ adviser’s claim about domestic drilling & gas prices overheats BS detectors

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