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Jewish Deplorable gets permanently suspended for violating Twitter's rules against ... what, exactly?

Earlier this month, we did a couple of posts highlighting tweets from @TrumpJew2, aka Jewish Deplorable.





We’d love for you to see those tweets again, but they’re not rendering in our post for some reason.

And that reason is that Twitter has evidently decided that Jewish Deplorable has said just about enough, thank you very much, and doesn’t need to say any more:


Was it something he said?

Maybe Twitter should consider posting an explanation on the “Account suspended” page that provides some insight into exactly which nebulous Twitter Rules were violated, prompting the suspension. It would really be helpful. We’d know what people like Jewish Deplorable did, and we’d know exactly what behaviors we need to avoid if we don’t want to wind up on the chopping block ourselves.


A meme? An obviously fake Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweet is what did it? Really?

A friggin’ hashtag? That could be what Twitter has decided is grounds for permanent account suspension?

Has Twitter actually been paying any attention whatsoever to the sort of garbage that regularly gets thrown at outspoken conservatives?

Jewish Deplorable has even been targeted by vicious lefties with objectively offensive language that should ping the Twitter Police’s Rules Violation radar:

But it’s Jewish Deplorable who gets suspended?


Sorry, Twitter, but no. This is not OK. You guys can’t keep doing this and expect people not to notice or get pissed off. Are you going to start suspending people for complaining about Twitter suspending people?

Seriously, we’re crossing the line into full-blown insanity:

What the hell is Twitter doing? Are there even actual Twitter Rules, or is that just code for “whatever we decide we don’t want to see or hear about today”?



Something he said? Why did Twitter suspend the account of mRNA vaccine pioneer Dr. Robert Malone?

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