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Still confused? Hopefully this 'journo's guide to horse whips' will clear up any remaining questions [pic]

The media’s recent breathless coverage of the mounted Border Patrol agents trying to control the unabated and increased flow of Haitian immigrants to our southern border has resulted in quite a bit of confusion, namely over this whole “whips” thing. What appear to people familiar with horses as reins are, in fact, whips used for beating humans, according to many respectable, much more worldly and knowledgeable journalists.


Is there anyone who can tell us what’s actually going on?

You know what would really clear this up once and for all is a handy guide to what is and is not a whip.

That’s where Twitchy regular @MidnightMitch comes in. His guide should be posted in newsrooms all over the country:

Doesn’t get simpler and more straightforward than that.


OK, now it’s complete.

Will this do?

Perfect. We’re officially done here.

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