Fox News’ Bill Melugin is at the border in Del Rio, Texas where thousands and thousands of illegal aliens are gathered near the international bridge. DHS Secretary Mayorkas also visited the scene today, and he insisted that “the border is not open” in spite of reality.

The issue must be polling horribly for the Biden administration, because, as Melugin has reported, border patrol on horseback have been called in to keep people out:

We told you earlier that lefties have been so triggered by photos of border patrol on horseback keeping people from illegally entering the U.S. that they’ve resorted to a huge lie by insisting Haitian refugees are being rounded up with whips.

Even “journalists” are making that claim. Here’s PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor helping out:

She must be going for a Pulitzer… in fiction.

And of course according to the modern definition of “journalism,” Alcindor apparently didn’t feel any need to actually verify what she passed along to her followers:

She knows exactly what she’s doing.

But hey, she’s got a narrative to help spread! The media reports about all-things horseback the same way they talk about guns: They have no idea what they’re talking about but they don’t let that get in the way.

We’re just going to go ahead and assume Twitter’s not going to take issue with that lie.

Also, you just know how this would be framed if a certain former president were still in office:

If Trump were still in office the headlines would already be out there:

But instead, with a Democrat president, the lefty media will put out a rather generic “we’re better than this” narrative.