Along with The El Paso Times, VICE News is on that story of mounted Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian migrants. OK, maybe they didn’t whip anyone, but at least one agent was said to have swung his whip “menacingly.” But the VICE tweet said that agents were straight-up whipping them.

He has the guy’s shirt firmly in his hand, so we’re not sure how he’s holding his whip. Anyway, a little later in the day VICE News’ Mexico correspondent softened it a bit by claiming that agents were “cracking whips” at Haitians, not necessarily whipping them. Pulitzer Prize winner Emily Green also noted the terrible optics of a largely white U.S. Border Patrol cracking whips at black Haitians.


Essentially. The optics of Hispanic Border Patrol agents whipping Haitians would be much better. Not even news, really.

So how many reporters actually saw a mostly white band of Border Patrol agents, whipping, cracking whips, or swinging them menacingly at Haitian migrants. And how is it that reporters who can see things so closely and count people on horseback by race not see 12,000 migrants camped out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas? There seems to be only one reporter covering that story.