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'Queen of grifters': AOC continues raising awareness about working-class women of color by selling 'Tax the Rich' clothing

When AOC wore a designer gown emblazoned with “TAX THE RICH” to the Met Gala earlier this week, she understandably faced some criticism.

But AOC made it very, very clear that she only did it to fulfill her responsibilities as a New York congresswoman.


And also, her “disdainful and unsupportive” critics didn’t appreciate what she, as a working-class woman of color, was doing to raise awareness of wealth disparity and “[puncture] the 4th wall of excess and spectacle.”

Well, the Met Gala may be behind her, but AOC is still just as committed as ever to raising awareness. And by “awareness,” we of course mean “money”:

And it gets better, still:



$995! And AOC is cool with her name and image being used to sell a purse that’s unaffordable for working-class women of color like her.

So they’re just as full of it as AOC. No wonder they’re so cozy with each other.

We very much look forward to hearing about all the working-class women of color who are being helped by the fashion collaboration and by AOC selling shirts. We’re sure all the funds raised will go directly to the working-class women of color community.


For the win.

If only the young lady would take a page from Joe Manchin’s book. Alas, she’s far more interested in people’s checkbooks.

Long live the kween.





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