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'Oh, look, Hamas has an advertising supplement in the @NYTimes today'! NYT guest essay shines light on the inhumanity of Israel defending itself from terrorism

Because Hamas remains relentless in their efforts to destroy Israel, they’ve left Israel with no choice but to protect itself.


You read it in the New York Times, you say?

Well, well, well … would you look at this:

Here’s some of what Refaat Aleer wrote:

On Wednesday night, after two hours of nonstop bombardment and Israeli missiles raining down all over the Strip — some landing just a few hundred meters away from our building — we finally managed to catch some sleep. The missiles shake the whole area for several seconds. Then you hear screams. Shouting. More screams. Whole families turf out onto the street. Our kids were all sat up in bed, shaking, saying nothing.

Then comes the intolerable indecision: I am caught between wanting to take the family outside, despite the missiles, shrapnel and falling debris, and staying at home, like sitting ducks for the American-made, Israeli-piloted planes. We stayed at home. At least we would die together, I thought.

The deafening strikes destroy Gaza’s infrastructure, cutting off roads leading to hospitals and water supplies, bringing down access to the internet. Many of the targets Israel hits have no strategic value. Israel knows this, and knows how it unnerves us. I wonder what those officers do in their command centers: Do they draw straws on which block to annihilate? Do they roll a dice?


Remember, kids: America gave Israel the means to drop bombs on innocent Palestinian terrorists who purposely fire rockets at Israel from hospitals and places with no strategic value.

We dunno … this story has been told plenty of times by Hamas and other anti-Israel terrorist groups (as well as certain members of U.S. Congress).

We have absolutely no doubt that children in Gaza are terrified, and our hearts break for them. But it’s not Israel who has stolen their childhoods and innocence.

Great question. It’s almost as though these places have strategic value for Hamas, given that their strategy is to hide behind human shields and blame Israel for having to defend itself.


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