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Shaun King is seething over 'the outrageous and offensive LIE that Bernie Sanders,' who surrounds himself with anti-Semites, has an anti-Semitism problem

Shaun King’s blood has been boiling. We know, we know … what else is new? But what’s really got him seeing red this month is Bernie Sanders being called anti-Semitic:


Yeah, can you imagine people thinking that Bernie Sanders has an anti-Semitism problem? It’s not as if he willingly surrounds himself with anti-Semitic bigots or anyth— oh, wait.


You know, Shaun, for a guy who’s definitely not anti-Semitic, Bernie sure does have a lot of anti-Semitic friends.

A lot of the people agreeing with Shaun’s take in the responses to his tweet cite Jeremy Corbyn as evidence of a right-wing smear campaign:

“Dancing to the tune of their funders.” See what she did there?


Shaun himself is a huge Corbyn fan:

just in case you were wondering how strongly Shaun and his ilk are committed to fighting anti-Semitism and how well they understand it.


You know what should really make Shaun’s blood boil? The fact that Bernie Sanders gladly associates with documented anti-Semites and few of the so-called “Guardians of Truth” in the media seem to give a damn.



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