Bernie Sanders has some thoughts on fighting anti-Semitism. He laid them all out in a much-hyped piece for Jewish Currents. Now, his piece doesn’t really propose any solutions to America’s anti-Semitism problem per se, but it does rely on B.S. information and bend over backwards to rationalize Palestinian violence, so he’s got that going for him, at least:

It’s so beautiful, you guys.

No less than Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar are praising it, so you know it must be good:

Leave it to Ilhan Omar to use a piece ostensibly about fighting anti-Semitism to rationalize anti-Semitism. She’s talented, that one.

Meanwhile, those of you who aren’t terrorist apologists and are capable of acknowledging that there’s a whole lot of anti-Semitism emanating from the Left can no doubt appreciate the impressively garbagey pile of garbage that is Sanders’ word salad:

People are spreading that crap around like it’s the cure for what ails us; in reality, it’s more like a disease.

Of course it’s not due to white nationalism. There’s no shortage of white nationalist anti-Semitism in this country (see Nick Fuentes, for example). But Bernie is brazenly whitewashing (no pun intended) left-wing anti-Semitism. He’s cherry-picking and lying and we’re all supposed to applaud him for it.

Pathetic is right.

And it’s difficult not to get the feeling that if he had absolutely nothing to fear, Sanders would come right out and flat-out denounce Israel as an oppressor. Lord knows he’s spent enough time with Sarsour, Omar, and other anti-Semitic progs, it’s only natural that he’d start parroting them.

God help the people who are earnestly falling for this crap. Sarsour, Omar, et al. know exactly what this is and are more than happy to use Bernie as their elder mouthpiece to spread their anti-Semitic filth.

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