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'How effing stupid is she'? Pro-abort actress Jameela Jamil's abortion rights metaphor even has pro-choicers scratching their heads [pic]

You know, it’s bad enough that “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil has tried to make abortion into some kind of glamorous celebration of empowered womanhood. But the fact that she relies so heavily on ignorance to make her argument just puts it all over the top.


Check out this Instagram post of hers:

That’s incredible … for all the wrong reasons. Pro-lifers and abortion proponents alike are slack-jawed over this:


Well, Jameela’s proven herself to be a real sicko, so it fits.



‘Best decision I have ever made’: This ‘Good Place’ actress is so glad she spared her baby from cruelty by getting it aborted

‘Pretty sure no one thinks that’: Jameela Jamil’s scorching take on abortion managed to get even worse

Good Place actress and compassionate SJW Jameela Jamil isn’t sorry for being pro-abort because her life is ‘more important […] than an unborn fetus’ one’

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