As Twitchy reported Tuesday, “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil weighed in on the abortion debate, and her take wasn’t that far from Alabama State Rep. John Rogers’ belief that “you kill them now or you kill them later” — unwanted and loved kids surely will end up being sent to the electric chair, so you might as well save the trouble and kill them in the womb. Apparently, there’s no option in between.

Jamil shared that her abortion was the best decision she’d ever made and that it would be cruel to sentence unwanted children to — gasp! —foster homes, where their lives will certainly be ruined (take that, all you foster parents out there).

That was Monday, and on Tuesday she followed up with another hot take on abortion that again hinges on foreseeing the future of the unborn child.

Um, what? Pro-lifers wouldn’t mind aborting a baby if they knew it would be gay?

Damn, Marius … you’re cold.


Maybe talk to your pro-choice ally Rogers, who followed up by suggesting “retarded” and “crazy” babies like Donald Trump Jr. should have been aborted. You can never be sure, though, so better abort them all.

Um, maybe read that piece in The Federalist first?

If you want sad, click on her tweet and read the replies … pro-lifers are monsters.