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'Not getting less bonkers': Rep. Katie Hill's PR team might have a tough time handling these new scoops from the Daily Mail

Democratic Rep. Katie Hill is like a mullet: Business upfront, party in the back. It seems like there’s been quite a bit of party, actually.


It really isn’t:

Lots to unpack there. Where to even start?

Well, to be fair, as far as the “Nazi-era tattoo” thing is concerned:

So linking her to neo-Nazism is a hell of a stretch. But the text and photo evidence for the other stuff, well, that won’t be quite as easy to explain away.

We honestly don’t know what to excerpt here. The whole thing is just super-weird.




Dem Rep. Katie Hill offers up interesting defense following allegations of sexual relationships with 20-something female staffer and finance director

UH OH: Another day, another RedState scoop on Katie Hill

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