Earlier this week, in response to Donald Trump’s deranged ravings about him, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took a swipe at Trump’s, um, baggage. But just to keep things fair, he was also careful to point out that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has the backing of none other than super shady far-leftist billionaire George Soros.

DeSantis is actually one of many Republicans and conservatives who have drawn attention to Bragg’s ties to Soros. It’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about, particularly since Bragg’s motivations in pursuing an indictment against Donald Trump are quite blatantly political in nature.

But be aware: if you point that out, Rick Wilson and The Lincoln Project will come after you and give you a piece of their brain cell.


Gotta love the “Republican Political Strategist” under his name in the chyron.

Good on them. Doesn’t mean these thoughts aren’t still incredibly offensive and intellectually dishonest.

We seem to recall Rick’s wife sharing a photo of the family Confederate cooler with the lid that said “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN.” The sorts of people who have Confederate coolers don’t tend to have very nice feelings about black people and Jews. And speaking of black people, less than a year ago, here’s what Rick was saying about Alvin Bragg:

Was racially informed animus behind that tweet, too? Maybe. It was definitely behind plenty of other Rick Wilson tweets.

Rick Wilson has had a lot to say about minorities over the years.

In case you’ve forgotten what Zaid Jilani is referring to:

And let’s not forget what Rick Wilson and The Lincoln Project have had to say about prominent Jews:

And perhaps you’ll remember that once upon a time, Rick had quite a lot to say about George Soros. And none of it was very nice:

That’s him, all right! So is this:

Maybe Rick doesn’t like conservatives pointing out that George Soros can buy people because Rick himself has sold his soul to the Left.

Honestly, if you didn’t have that one on your BINGO card, you haven’t been paying much attention to The Lincoln Project or to Rick Wilson.



Rick Wilson tries to out-Trump Donald Trump with nicknames for Ron DeSantis and DeSantis supporters


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