As we told you, Attorney General Merrick Garland is testifying today before the Senate Judiciary Committee in an oversight hearing. And Lord knows there are plenty of hot topics to discuss.

Like the DOJ’s prosecution — or persecution, if you will — of pro-life activists and health care providers. GOP Sen. Mike Lee confronted Garland about the DOJ apparently being far more concerned about these individuals as opposed to the domestic terrorists targeting pregnancy crisis centers with vandalism and violence, and Garland did his team absolutely zero favors with his response:



Mike Lee: “In the meantime, in 2022 and for the first couple of months of 2023, DOJ’s announced charges against 34 individuals for blocking access to, or vandalizing, abortion clinics, and there’ve been over 81 reported attacks on pregnancy centers. 130 attacks on Catholic churches since the leak of the Dobbs decision. And only two individuals have been charged. So how do you explain this disparity, uh, by reference to anything other than politicization of what’s happening there?”

Merrick Garland: “The FACE [Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances] Act applies equally to, uh, efforts to, um, uh, damage a blockade, uh, um, um, um, clinics, whether pregnant, um, uh, resource, uh, whether they are a pregnancy resource center or whether they are an abortion center. It applies equally in both cases, and we apply the law equally. Um, uh, I will say you’re quite right, there are many more prosecutions with respect, uh, to the, um, uh, blocking of the, uh, um, of the abortion centers, but that is generally because they are, those actions are taken in, uh, with photography at the time, um, and, uh, during the daylight and, uh, seeing the person who did it is quite easy. Those who are attacking the pregnancy resource centers, which is a horrid thing to do, are doing this at night, um, in the dark. We have put full resources on this, uh, we have, uh, uh, asked, uh, put, uh, um, rewards out for this. Um, the Justice Department and the FBI have made, um, outreach to Catholic and, uh, um, other organizations […]”

Have you put full resources on this, though, Merrick Garland? Have you really? Because when you preface that by pointing out that pro-lifers are easier to prosecute because they’re not afraid to be pro-life in the daytime while domestic terrorists prefer to go after pregnancy resources at night and it’s difficult to see in the dark, it really doesn’t sound like you’ve got your Top. Men. on this.

Nice to know there are just some lines the DOJ won’t cross.

What the hell, AG Garland?

His whole response is just a series of lies.



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